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GRLevel3 Radar - GRLevel3 is a Windows viewer for live NEXRAD Level III data from the NWS Radar Product Central Collection Dissemination Service. By using this viewer, different layers of information can be applied to the radar image, to provide much more information than radar alone. You might see a variaty of layers being displayed at any given time. Conditions occasionally dictate which layers are displayed and just a few of the possible layers are listed below.
Symbols - You may see some of the symbols in the legend above. Once the storms start to indicate hail, various size triangles with different fills will appear. One symbol not shown is a purple upside down triangle indicating a tornado vortex signature, meaning radar detects what appears to be a potential tornado.
Storm Data - In addition to the normal radar data, you may also see the data that appears in the legend above. These symbols identify hail, storm rotation, and possible tornadic activity during times of severe weather.
Storm Tracks - The Storm Track Feature allows you to see what direction or track the storm is currently headed to. This feature shows a white line extending out of a little white square box from the center of a storm cell. The "x"'s along this white line indicate every 15 minutes where the center of the storm is forecast to be, based on its current speed and direction. For an example, the 4th "x" shows where the storm will be in an hour given its current tracking. The longer the white line the faster the storm is moving. This is normally only displayed during times of severe weather.
METAR Data - Typically you will see area temperatures, and other METAR data when there are no returns on the radar. When there is severe weather occuring, the map is usually cleared to only show the radar, highways, city names, and other storm related icons like hail, storm rotation, and possible tornadic rotation on the map. During other times, such as winter weather and normal rainfall, we will continue to display the METAR data.
Radar FAQ - For addional questions about NWS radar systems and radar in general, click here
NEXRAD Radar Status - Like other pieces of electronics, the NWS radar quits working occasionally too. To view the status of all the NWS NEXRAD radar sites, click here.